Antilope Canyon (USA)

My sense of aesthetics and beauty were awoken in the early years of my life, aroused by the beautiful landscape around Hardegg on the river Thaya, where I was born and spent my childhood. This emotional attachment to nature compelled me to pursue an education  in the fine arts and biology,  and furthermore encouraged me to undertake  the teaching qualification in these subjects. Drawing, painting and graphics in various techniques were skills I developed in these years. (See gallery "Early Works" =  "Frühe Werke"!)

After a course in the construction of ceramics, I discovered my love for designing with clay  and the many versatile bways in which this natural material can be used.

As ceramics progressed from mere objects of utility to works of art over the centuries, so did my work with this medium. While at the beginning I formed only cups, plates and bowls on the potter’s wheel, I later started to freely construct vases, fountains and ornate objects.

Nevertheless, a couple of years ago I fell in love with the art of the Relief aus Ton. Inspirational themes were generated by the impressions and experiences of my journeys to foreign countries and cultures, but also by fascinating landscapes and buildings in my home country in Lower Austria.

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 Potter's wheel
shaped dishes

Vases and objects
shaped by hand

early relief


late relief

Namibia: Fishriver

mosaic in a larger format

Brazil: Copacabana