The clay for my reliefs comes from Stoob,  Burgenland. Each relief is a unique specimen, moulded by hand and created in a build-up process, in which the individual layers are put on top of each other and connected piece by piece.

After the drying of the clay the glaze  is often applied in several layers. Through the drying and firing process each piece shrinks about 15%. During this  process high internal stresses arise. In order to avoid cracks and deformations, knowledge and experience is required. Firing of the clay at about 1200C (weatherproof stoneware quality) forms the completed the piece of art. Through  many years of experience I am able to distinguish the effects of the kiln-fired glaze.

The frames for the reliefs are made  from domestic softwoods such as spruce and pine, and are impregnated with wax stain.


       Video from building up a ceramic-relief:

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   The emergence of a relief from the building, through the glazing, to the finished framed relief.